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Scam or Not: Are Your Health Insurance Leads Dead Ends?

by Educaton

The uncertainty can place at anytime and anywhere, so it’s important to get ready for that uncertainties and plan for it. Health Insurance helps your family member and your loved ones financially and don’t make you the burden after the uncertainty. Keep some funds for your children and grandchildren so that they can have a better future after you.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance refers to the expenses incurred to cover the cost of medical care following an injury, disease or surgery, that are either reimbursed to the insurer or are paid directly to the hospital or care provider.

With environmental changes and evolution over the years, the field of medicine has also transformed with researches being conducted to find the cure of new diseases. As such, healthcare has become extremely expensive with everyone demanding only the best professional treatment. In the world of the wide web, where everything is available online, how do you ensure that your leads are legitimate? Most agents do not believe in their leads because of poor conversion statistics.

In a country like India, where medical insurance isn’t a fundamental right, and the Government is unable to provide the basic healthcare needs, it becomes the responsibility of the citizens to find the best medical-claim. Negligence and insufficient knowledge about the various policies lead to people relying on Insurance agents to guide them through this alien turf.

The Health Insurance market is extremely saturated, which makes finding reliable leads and turning them to prospective customers, a very difficult challenge. However, multiple sites are offering services to ensure that you get honest leads at no or very low cost. As an Insurance agent, you must be able to identify your customer base and treat them with respect and attention.

Tips for health insurance leads for agents

To establish the legitimacy of your lead, check for the following factors-

  • Location- an Indian citizen will not be a lead for an American agency. So make sure you check his/her location
  • Time of the day- if someone is looking at policies late at night or early in the morning, it implies that they are looking forward to buying an insurance
  • Medical condition- if a person has some terminal ailment or a life-threatening condition, then they are a probability
  • Pregnancy-families with pregnant women are always looking out for Health Insurance for the safety and well-being of both the mother and the child
  • Income-a person from a humble background can’t be looking at very expensive deals 
  • Age-people in their thirties and forties (people with families) are positive leads
  • Household size- the greater the size of the family, the greater the chances of that person turning over

Low cost health insurance leads

These are usually people who research online and gain standard knowledge of healthcare policies and acts. People who are looking out for primary needs for their families are the most suitable targets. It also includes new companies in the market, trying to secure a profitable deal with the agency for their employees. Pay little amount every month as EMI and get its benefit in the treatment expenses any many more.

Bulk health insurance leads

Organizations and companies that have numerous employees, whether it is an IT giant, Multi-National Companies, a local business or a small-scale industry, all of them present great opportunities as customers.

Health insurance telemarketing leads

Customers who are frequent callers and ask all the right questions and genuinely seem interested in buying insurance must not be ignored. A lot of leads from gained from the internet turnover after talking to an agent over the phone. Discuss your policies and the advantages associated with your agency to gain customers through the telemarketing interface.

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