How Much Does It Cost If You Hit A Utility Pole: When you’re in the driver’s seat, it can be easy to forget that you’re not the only one sharing the road with you.

While we all know to be wary of other drivers on the road, sometimes we forget that other vehicles aren’t our only concern; there are also street signs and utility poles just waiting to be hit. If you’ve been involved in an accident where your vehicle struck an electric, gas, water, or cable pole, rest assured that you’re not alone.

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What Will Happen If I Hit An Utility Pole

How much does it cost if you hit a utility pole? If your car hits a utility pole, the amount of damage will depend on how fast your vehicle was going. If you were going at 25 miles per hour, there would likely be minimal damage to the vehicle and minor injuries to those in the car. If you were going 50 miles per hour, there would be more serious damage to the car and major injuries to those inside. In both scenarios, there would be considerable damage to the power line that runs along the street.

The repair costs for this type of accident could range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on where the wires are damaged. Utility poles are typically just as expensive to replace as they are to repair.

What Are The Consequences Of Hitting A Utility Pole

How much does it cost if you hit a utility pole? The consequences of hitting a utility pole vary depending on the type of car and the size and height of the pole. If your car is a sedan, you might only need to replace your front bumper or get a new headlight. But if your car is a sports car, then you could need to replace both headlights and your windshield.

The height of the pole also matters: lower poles mean less damage, and higher poles require more extensive repairs. And as for how much does this all cost? It depends! Insurance can cover some of the damages, but not all. In general, expect to pay between $500-$5000 to repair damages from an accident involving a utility pole.Things To Do After A Car Accident With An Electric Pole

1) Call the police and state that you are responsible for the accident.

2) Wait until they arrive before moving your vehicle.

3) Move out of the way to allow emergency vehicles to pass through.

4) Exchange information with other parties involved in an accident.

5) Report the incident to an insurance company, which may get a tow truck to remove your vehicle from the roadway.

6) Contact your car insurance provider and provide them with information about the accident and what happened.

7) Pay close attention to any damages on the electric pole.

8) File a claim with your car insurance company after the event has been reported.

9) Make sure no one was injured during this unfortunate event.

10) Stay away from downed power lines, which can be extremely dangerous and are often considered a crime scene by law enforcement.

Why Does It Cost So Much If I Hit An Electric Pole?

To get the charge for hitting a utility pole, we will need to know two things. The first is the size of your vehicle. This is a rough estimate, but generally speaking, cars are charged at $1,000 per foot and pickup trucks are charged at $1,500 per foot.

How much does it cost if you hit utility pole

The second thing we need to know is how long it took for the power company to repair the line after you hit it. If they spent 10 hours restoring power to your neighbors then you would be charged for 10 hours at $200 per hour. If they spent 2 hours restoring power to your neighbors then you would be charged for 2 hours at $200 per hour. If they were able to restore power within 15 minutes, you might be charged for less than an hour.

On average, you can expect that on a single car accident this might cost about $2,000 in total. However, with multiple accidents with more damage each time, it could easily rise in the tens of thousands or even over one hundred thousand dollars in total costs depending on the severity of each crash.

The farther away you are, the less chance of damage to your car and any other property. -If there is a tree branch or other object near or touching the power line, avoid driving under them at all costs. If you need to cross over the power lines, use caution.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Always stop in a visible location before getting out of your vehicle next to a power line so that other drivers can see what you’re doing. If there’s no one around to help, call 911 for assistance

However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you hit the utility pole while driving at a very high speed and cause extensive damage, then you might have to pay for repairs. Similarly, if you were driving recklessly or under the influence when hitting the utility pole, then your insurance company might cover all costs related to repairing damages.

Who will pay for Damages In An Accident Involving A Utility Pole?

If you are involved in a car accident with a utility pole, the driver of the other vehicle will likely be responsible for paying to repair any damages. In some cases, the driver may not have any insurance and so they will be responsible for paying out of pocket.

Final Thoughts On Hit Utility Poles

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to accidentally hit a utility pole, then you know how expensive the damage can be. Depending on where the accident happened and how severe the collision was, there’s a good chance that your insurance won’t cover all of the repairs.

Read on for more information about what might happen after a crash with a power line, and what can happen to your car insurance rates in response. It is difficult to calculate exactly how much one accident will cost because there are many variables involved.